Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Legends and Myths

#1 Robert Johnson Sells His Soul to The Devil

It is often claimed that Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil, but is this story a myth or a legend? The rumor started back in the 1930’s after Son House claimed that “the only way that [Robert Johnson] could have become so good in such a short period of time was to have sold his soul to the devil”(Davis). This appears untrue, however, and it is truly due to the fact that Johnson managed to befriend and learn guitar from Ike Zinnerman, an outstanding guitarist. In the end, Robert Johnson’s soul selling habits are only a myth.

#2 Ozzy Ozbourne’s Taste For Doves and Bats

The legend surrounding Ozzy Osbourne’s actually biting off the head of a bat while on stage does indeed ring true. As the legend goes, someone allegedly threw a dead or concussed bat on stage which Ozzy promptly picked up and bit. Ozzy admits that he was a little drunk at the time and that it seemed like a good laugh. When he realized that the bat was real however, he went off stage, threw up, and left for the hospitable to get a tetanus shot.

#3 The Mythology Surrounding the Abbey Road Cover

The myth surrounding the Abbey Road cover involves the belief that Paul McCartney was dead. Supposedly Paul died previous to the making of the album and had been replaced by someone who looked and sounded like him. On the cover John Lennon in white is supposed to represent the clergy, Ringo in black the undertaker, and Paul (dead) the corpse. Paul (the replacement) is the only Beatle on the cover that is barefoot, whose eyes are closed, and the only one dressed in work clothes, supposedly to represent the gravedigger. He (the replacement) is also holding a cigarette in his right hand although the true Paul McCartney is left handed. There is also the fact that cigarettes are sometimes called “coffin nails.” There are also several pictorial elements on the back of the cover that helped start the rumor, including a shadow that looks remarkably like a skull. There is also a crack in the “s” at the end of “Beatles” and also eight dots to the left of “Beatles” that when connected form a 3. This is supposedly symbolic of the fact that there are only three Beatles members left alive. In the end though, this rumor turned out to be just another myth.

#4 Bob Dylan Goes Electric

It’s 1965 at the Newport Folk Festival and all that can be heard is the wail of an electric guitar spiced up with some buffalo wing vocals; It’s 1965 and Bob Dylan is playing a Fender Stratocaster. Few moments have changed the world or rock and roll as much as Dylan’s performance that day. In a shear 15 minutes both rock and roll and folk music were forever changed. Needless to say such a legendary performance came at a price and Dylan was very shook up by the crowds angry yells. It appears that Dylan was so perturbed that he even forgot to bring out the right harmonica for his next song and had to acquire one from the crowd.

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