Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Backmasking And Reverse Speech

The Beatles – “I’m So Tired”
This clip is backmasking because, although it is nonsensical when played normally, it makes perfect sense when played backwards. Not only this, but the message is too relevant and specific to John Lennon’s death and the band itself to be a coincidence.

Pink Floyd – “Empty Spaces”
This example, I feel, is also legitimate backmasking. Saying “congratulations. You have just discovered the secret message,” is too coincidental to be unintentional in my mind. Also, “old pink” seems to be a reference to the band.

Weird Al – “Nature Trail to Hell”
This is too much like something that Weird Al would come up with and is way to clear to be unintentional. It was definitely done on purpose, it even has a beat to it backwards.

ELO – “Fire on High”
You don’t get much straighter forward then “the music is reversible…” The message is too concise and seemingly rehearsed to be coincidental. Also, it is indistinguishable nonsense words when played forwards, adding credibility to the hypothesis that it was indeed intentional.

Eagles – “Hotel California”
This is not backmasking or reverse speech. This is a bunch of “hogwash” conceived by someone with way too much time on their hands. The message is barely coherent and has no relevance to the band or the song. This guy was just so caught up in finding satanic messages in backwards music that he created his own farfetched example.

Yoko Ono – “Kiss, Kiss, Kiss”
This clip is “hogwash.” If she’s really saying “I shot John Lennon” backwards, then she did so with a full grown lobster hanging from her tongue.

Led Zeppelin – “Stairway to Heaven”
I believe that this is an example of legitimate backmasking. Led Zeppelin is more of a satanic music oriented band and the message is too elaborate to be a coincidence. The backwards message also refers to the “path” mentioned in the forwards playing lyrics.

Pokemon Rap
I feel that this clip is just unintentional reverse speech. The message is clearly there, but I feel that it was not foreseen by the artist and is merely a coincidence.

Eminem – “My Name Is…”
I believe that this clip is backmasking because it is very clear, includes the name of the artist, and makes sense when looking at the song title.

Michael Jackson – “Beat It”
I feel that this is reverse speech and not backmasking. It seems unintentional to me and may be just a coincidence based on the covert language flow.

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